QOMO is creating classroom solutions that are taking education and learning to a higher standard. By placing QOMO products into schools across the nation and internationally, we are building a new generation of educators and students together. Our mission is to create opportunities for students to gain knowledge through personalized learning. We aim to spotlight the needs of students through next generation technology.

1. Journey Interactive Touch Screen Panel

Create a hands on learning experience with our Journey interactive Panel. Allow students to touch, flip, rotate, scale and annotate for an interactive and engaging lesson plans.


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2. QConnect

Follow the next generation culture by implementing a BYOD class environment. Connect up to 64+ devices for a unified communication solution.


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3. Portable Document Camera

Present lesson plans and create a curriculum around the capabilities of our high zoom, high image quality document cameras. Display crystal clear images or dissect cells with one of our microscope adaptable cameras.


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4. QClick

Engage, gather and review results instantly with the QClick. Create quizes, polls and multiple choice or full answer tests and view results instantly.


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5. Full Sized Document Camera

Display the clearest content with our fast frame rate, high zoom full sized document cameras.


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Journey + QPC70 Bundle The QPC70 portable Document Camera features HDMI pass through, video recording, and RS232 integration all in one simple and compact package. Enjoy smooth multi-media playback with the ultra-fast response time and interactive 10-point multi-touch feature of the QOMO Journey LED panel.



At QOMO our goal is to bring you the most complete all-in-one interactive solution. By teaming up with the most innovative partners in the industry, such as RMeasiteach Next Generation software, we make sure that teachers have the right tools to bring their lesson plans together!

What Are Our Customers Saying?


“We have purchased the Qomo LED Interactive Journey Panels for each of our classrooms in our new Vocational & Technical Center. It is important to the staff, and the community of Allen County that we provide the latest and greatest for our students. Qomo provided some very important professional development for our teachers on how to use the new technology to improve student test scores. As the Superintendent, I like not having to provide a pool of funds to maintain this classroom technology solution, as I did with the projectors, whiteboard solution. We are very pleased with the new Qomo Interactive Classroom Solution.”

– Randall Jackson, Superintendent
Allen County Schools

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QOMO is proud to be an international company that provides interactive solutions to USA, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. With sales people and offices in a number of different countries, we are available to fit your every need. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our offices.


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