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QIT600 F1 Interactive Panel

  The QIT600 F1 is a widescreen interactive monitor that gives presenters full control of their displayed screen with smooth, ultra-fast annotation response time and comfortable simulated hand-writing. On a desktop, it is a powerful tablet that allows you to draw with incredible precision and detail.


QIT600 F1 at InfoComm 2017

Nick demonstrates how the QIT600 F1 is used with the Journey 13 Series at InfoComm 2017. Just think, you will never have to turn your back to the audience ever again!

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Intuitive Pen Technology

If you can dream, then QOMO Podium’s pen can help you bring it to life. The pen has advanced innovative technology with a pressure sensitive tip that helps you create, draw, sketch and write naturally and with precision.


Easy Hand-Writing

• Write clearly using the handwriting recognition tool, or select the on – screen keyboard to type.
• Interactive pen allows users to write comfortably and without interference.


Technical Drawing

• Drawing is intuitive and smooth, allowing for more efficient design and engineering.
• Realize ideas quickly with ultra-fast on-screen response time.


Ease of Use

• The screen can be used upright or horizontally, and any angle in between.
• Lines and notes can be marked directly and quickly on documents.



• Use as a learning tool for interactive vibrant displays conveniently at your desk.
• Have full-control of presentations with a live displays at your desktop or podium.



Technology Electromagnetic
Dimensions 578mm x 323mm x 28mm
Weight 5 (kg)
Display LCD
Display Area 476.64mm x 268.11mm (WxH)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 / 2048 LPI (lines/inch)
Response Time 5ms
Pixel Pitch 0.24825 x 0.24825mm
Pressure Sensitivity 2048 levels
Maximum Induction Angle 50° (angle between normal display)
Support Color 16.7M
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 (typical)
Stents Angle Adjustable Tilt angle5° ~ 85°(Stents removable)
Brightness 250 (cd/m2) (typical)
Viewing Angle Level 170°, vertical 160°
Environmental Operating temperature 0°~40°, 20~80%RH (non-condensing);
Storage temperature -15~60°C, 10-90%RH
Operating System Support Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, MAC OS
Handwriting Software Support Windows Tablet PC Components group, MSN, Outlook Express Office 2007, a variety of professional handwriting, hand painted application software, etc
CD Drive CD
Accuracy Center ± 0.5mm, the maximum deviation ± 3mm
Sensing Height Not less than 5mm, the maximum deviation ± 3mm
Video Inputs HDMI (IN) , VGA (IN) , DVI (IN)
USB Connection USB TYPE A
Video Passthrough None
Vesa Pattern 75mm x75mm
Data Report Rate 138 pps (points/sec)
Handwriting Pen Suit Handwriting Pen Suit includes handwriting pen (dry battery), handwriting pen charger (optional), spare tip, tip clip
Power Adapter External power adapter (input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, output 12VDC 4A)
Power Line 1.5 AC power line
Title Download
Fall 2017 Catalog Brand New!
  1 files      336 downloads
Brand New QIT600 F1 Brochure
  1 files      43 downloads
QIT600F1 User Manual
  1 files      175 downloads
FlowWorks PRO (1.2.3132)
  1 files      3355 downloads
FlowPro Software Manual
  1 files      331 downloads
Qomo Symposium (QIT600 F1) Brochure
  1 files      349 downloads
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    Video streaming port: 51030
    Video playing port: 51010
    Touch control port: 52040

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